Friday, June 1, 2012

My Photo Essay

This is my photo essay it has the theme of summer. I took pictures of what summer is to me. It is mostly clothes for summer. I use rule of thirds a lot in these pictures. I also used simplicity all my pictures are super simple. I took all the pictures outside a few of them in the grass. I went under the tree and it gave a really interesting lighting.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Portrait Photography

Some of the things I learned about portrait photography is that it is vital you have good lighting. You also need to try different angles and poses. Something that is for sure important it keeping your subject happy because you get uncomfortable pictures when they are not. This is of my little sister and we had just got back from a long road trip and we were both tired. I probably could have gotten some more natural smiles and better lighting if I would have done this under better circumstances.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lines, pattern, texture, and framing


                                          This is an example of line. This a picture of the inner
                                          part of my bike tire. I think this is a good example of
                                          line because it uses line. The lines really don't lead your
                                          eye anywhere but I like all the different lines.

                                     This is also an example of line. This of a Barbecue
                                     and I think it is a good example of line because it uses
                                     line a lot. While I don't have anything in particular that
                                    I am leading to I think the line gives the picture a lot of
                                    depth. I think this could also be a good example of texture.


                                     This is an example of pattern because the fence really
                                      has a pattern to it. It has the planks that are further up
                                      and then it has the ones that go back. This also is a good
                                      example of line.

                                     This is my other example of pattern. I used the break
                                      in pattern technique for this picture. I used all the same
                                      nail polish tops and then put one that was different in there.


                                     I think this really shows a lot of texture. This is of a
                                     tree in my backyard. The tree has a lot of texture to it.

                                    I loved this picture it was my favorite. I think it does
                                    have a lot of texture to it. I think the flower with all
                                   the little flowers gives off a neat texture.


                                     The reason I think this is a good example of framing
                                     is because the lines on the window are framing my

                                     This is a good example of framing because I used
                                      the tree to frame my little sisters face. I think it
                                     gives depth to the picture like framing is supposed
                                     to do.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Still Life Photography

These are my still life photos of some coloring pencils in a glass:


                               With this picture I was close to a window it gave it really good lighting. I was
                               kinda close to my subject.

                                    In this picture I tried using the rule of thirds and of centering
                                     the glass. It is still next to the window and It think its neat because
                                     you get a little bit of a shadow from the glass.

                                   With this picture I got really close. I am also next to the window here.
                                   I like how the some of the crayons are our of focus and some of them
                                   are really in focus.

                                    Here I moved away from the widow and I put a light underneath the glass.
                                    You can tell what side it is on because you can see the light. It made the
                                     crayons on that side give of a little of a shadow.

                                    This one is my most harsh lighting I have. I had it on
                                     flash and it gave of a very distinct shadow.

So in these picture I used lighting a lot to give of different effects. My pictures are very simple so that avoids any merging. I used rule of thirds in one of my pictures by of centering it. Line is something I also used because of the lines that the crayons make. I think I also used balance well with how the crayons are placed in the glass. Framing is one thing I really didn't use for these pictures. I tried framing them and it took away the simplicity of the picture.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Action Shot Photography

I used panning for a few of them. Mostly I anticipated where action was going to happen.I also pressed the button down halfway before I took the picture. Panning worked better then I thought. Pretty much everything I tried worked pretty good. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

David Hockney Photo Collage

This is my photo collage. I used the picture of the tree in our backyard because it looks so beautiful. It is just starting to have blossoms, and I thought it would be a neat subject.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Black and White Photos

                                              I think this is better in black in white than in color
                                              because there were too many colors. You could not
                                              see what the focus of the image was. Putting it in
                                              black and white made it look so much better.

                                                This picture was definitely better in
                                                 black and white than in color. The
                                                 picture had too many little background
                                                 objects putting it in black and white took
                                                 the focus of them.

                                       This picture wasn't really colorful in the first place
                                        putting it in black and white didn't change much.
                                        The only thing it did was make the sky darker which
                                         I personal think it looks better with the darker sky and
                                         gives it a cooler look.

                                       This flower was pink in the first picture and it was
                                        a bit overwhelming. Putting it in black and white
                                        made it look more classic instead of too much color.

                                      This picture was very bright at first and had too many
                                       things in the background. This toned down how bright
                                       it was and kept the focus on the subject.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Different Modes

                                                   This was taken in auto mode. This mode
                                                    has control over everything an try's its best
                                                    to control everything for you.

                                         This picture was taken with flash. This is on a book    
                                          shelf in my room and it is kinda dark. So I figured
                                          this would be a good place to use the flash.

                                            There are a few different flashes on my computer
                                             this one is red eye pre flash. I figured it was to keep
                                             a person from getting red eyes in the picture. I tried it
                                             and it worked no red eyes.

                                            This one is landscape mode it is meant to get
                                             the whole picture. Not to blur anything out but
                                             to get the whole picture. I figured this would be
                                             a good place to take it since it was a landscape.

                                       This is macro mode. Since it is meant for taking pictures
                                        of things close up and it has a flower for its sign I took a
                                         picture of a flower. I really like this mode because it kept
                                         the flower in focus not everything else in the picture. It
                                         turned out really good and I didn't have to do anything to it.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Around Town Photos

An  Antique Lamp

A Barbie Doll
                                                               My Sister in a Costume
                                                           Yellow Fire Hydrant
                                                              A Button
                                                My Grandpas and Baby Cousins Hands
                                                       Micky & Minnie Mouse Toys
                                                              A Mirror Image

Friday, January 27, 2012

My Photo Scavenger Hunt

For this assignment I took a picture of 2 cars

2 people

2 flowers

2 trees

2 buildings