Wednesday, March 28, 2012

David Hockney Photo Collage

This is my photo collage. I used the picture of the tree in our backyard because it looks so beautiful. It is just starting to have blossoms, and I thought it would be a neat subject.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Black and White Photos

                                              I think this is better in black in white than in color
                                              because there were too many colors. You could not
                                              see what the focus of the image was. Putting it in
                                              black and white made it look so much better.

                                                This picture was definitely better in
                                                 black and white than in color. The
                                                 picture had too many little background
                                                 objects putting it in black and white took
                                                 the focus of them.

                                       This picture wasn't really colorful in the first place
                                        putting it in black and white didn't change much.
                                        The only thing it did was make the sky darker which
                                         I personal think it looks better with the darker sky and
                                         gives it a cooler look.

                                       This flower was pink in the first picture and it was
                                        a bit overwhelming. Putting it in black and white
                                        made it look more classic instead of too much color.

                                      This picture was very bright at first and had too many
                                       things in the background. This toned down how bright
                                       it was and kept the focus on the subject.