Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Andy Goldsworthy

  • What is the title of your Artwork?
  • What location did you choose? Why?
I choose my front porch by a rose bush. I choose this location because it is simple and it is right next to the rose petals that I wanted to use. 
  • What nature materials is it made out of?
Rose petals
  • What is its approximate size? Why?
This was probably a little less than a foot in length and height. It was big but not too big. I didn't need to make it that big because I was taking such a close up picture. I did want to make it look a little bigger that way it would look nice. 
  • Can people interact with it? If so, how? Please be very specific.
No it is not something people can interact with because it is really fragile and there isn't much you can do with it. 
  • How did you take the surrounding areas into consideration while creating this piece?
I thought about if a simple background would be good or if I wanted the rose bush in it. After taking pictures I saw that it looked best on it's own. 
  • What message does it convey? 
I think roses always convey love and romance. So I think that is the message that this photograph portrays is love. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Portrait Photography

I took these five photographs of my little sister for portrait photography. I tried formal portrait photography for most of these photographs. I also did detail portrait photography. That is my first picture of my sisters yellow sneakers. I tried doing candid photography, but sometimes that didn't really get the effect I wanted. My sister was very natural on her own this made it easy to capture my sisters sweet yet spicy personality. Thats why these were my favorite they explained her very well. I tried to keep my pictures as simple as possible. I tried close up head shots, and those were not my favorite.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Macro Photography

These photos were my best because I was able to make sure there wasn't too much going on in the background with these. I choose this subject, which is my spiral curler, because I thought that the spirals on it would make for an interesting picture. I really learned that having a steady place to take these pictures really helps them come out clear and crisp like they should be. I also learned that a shallow depth of field is best for macro photography. I also think it is important to have a simple background that doesn't draw your attention this way you are just focused on the subject.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Landscape Photography

So this is my backyard, and I chose this because it has the least amount of manmade object in it. I also liked how green everything was finally getting, and it reminded me that summer is almost here. These ones were the five best because I was able to get good pictures of the trees without any manmade objects. The depth of field was very deep in all of them and I kept a straight horizon on most of them. I also loved the blue color of the sky, and the vibrant green of the trees and grass.  I learned that it can be challenging to find the right setting for landscape photography if you live in a city area. I also learned that deep depth of field is best for landscape photography. I also learned how color can play a big role in making the photograph interesting to look at.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Night Photography

Nighttime Nature Photograph

Nighttime Architecture Photography

Long Exposure Flashlight Picture

Monochromatic Photograph

Nighttime Subject Photograph

I have a pretty simple point and shoot camera so that was a challenge for this assignment. I wasn't able to play around with a lot of settings mostly the flash. I couldn't keep my shutter open for long so to get light I would use my flash. On my architecture picture I rested the camera on the ledge of my house. With the long exposure picture I took I just turned off my flash and had my sister wave a flashlight around in a circle. I didn't get a lot but it turned out better than I thought.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Food Photography

I learn that it is much harder than you would think. It is really hard to make the food look appealing, and to get good angles of it. It is hard to find the right lighting to take it in. You really need to work with lighting to get good food photographs. Not only is it hard taking the photographs, but it is hard to arrange the food beforehand to take good photographs. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Lightbox Object

Picture # 1:

Picture # 2:

Picture # 3:

I thought these were my best three because the lighting was the best. I liked the rule of thirds in the first and the third. I also like the shadow in the second one. I think these also showed of the details of the elephant the best. My favorite one is the first one, because of the angle and the lighting. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Creepy Shadows

This is a picture of my shadow. To be able to get the shadow the only light I had on was the light behind me in my room. I made sure no other lights were on. 

This is a picture of an apple that I tried to make look creepy. I had the light in my kitchen on but the shadow wasn't facing the right way so I got my cell phone and used the light on my phone that is what the glare is. I think the glare ended up adding a creepy aspect to the picture. 

This is a picture of the chandelier in my kitchen. This was the only light on in the house at the time. I took it under the light. This gave the whole picture a creepy shadow and lighting. 

So the main reason I took this picture because I thought my reflection would give off a creepy effect. But the light outside actually adds to it. I also think the open door reflecting in the corner is creepy too. 

To make sure the fan gave off the shadow I had to turn on the right lights. I turned on the kitchen light behind it. I couldn't turn on the light for the fine because it would have gotten rid of the shadow. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Home to me is not something that is exactly tangible. A house is nice thing to live in, but it would not be the same without the people living in it. What home is to me is my family, and the relationship we have. A house isn't a home until you each add something to it, or have some good memories in it. That's why my family is considered my home. Because wherever I live if I'm with them it will become home. Home to me is where the people you care about are.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Avoiding Mergers
This picture I thought was a good example of avoiding mergers. Taking pictures on this fence it seemed it would be easy to end up with a merger, but I avoided it.

The reason I thought this was good example of balance was because of the other fence in the background. I thought it gave nice balance to the picture and didn't make the left side heavy.

I thought this was a good example of framing because the branches of the tree frame my little sister swinging on the branch. This is the kind of framing where she is directly under the frame. I think it also adds depth to the picture but so do the footprints.

The reason I felt this was a good example of harmony was because of how my little sisters coat is white like the snow and so is the house in the background. White is the unifying color throughout this picture.

Leading Lines
I thought this was a good example of leading lines because the lines in the fence lead you toward my sister at the end.

I feel that this picture really gives off perspective or point of view. It shows my hand holding my sisters hand which gives the point of view. I feel this adds a nice depth to the picture.

Rule of Thirds
I think this shows an example of rule of thirds because my sister is not right in the center in the picture. Her eyes land on the points of intersection which is good because I want that to be the focus of the picture.

I feel like this picture shows rhythm because you can almost see the way the person was walking through the snow. You see the foot print and also the little skids that go past the footprint. It really gives off the motion of walking.
I feel that this is a very simple image. There isn't a lot of things going on in the background. There is really only one thing to focus on in the picture which is the bubble.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Bad" Photos


Out of Focus




A bad photo is necessarily bad. It can still be artistic and actually look good. Sometimes blurring something in a picture looks better than it being completely still, because it gives off the feeling of movement. Overexposure and underexpose don't always look bad. Sometimes doing things that are considered bad to your photo can actually be very artistic.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Photography Challenge

Indian Culture
This is a picture of a jewelry box that a friend gave me from India. It was actually painted with jewels and the background is crushed jewels. The picture is of an Indian wedding.

This is a picture of my chemistry notes.

So this is of water just frozen water.

This is a picture of my leaf earrings.

Bold Colors
This is of the Maroon 5 cover and I used it because it was really colorful.

Messy Room
This is of my little sisters messy room.

My wallet with money sticking out of it.

If you look in the sunglasses you can see the reflection of me taking the picture.

This a picture of me smiling.

This is a picture of my two watches, and some other stuff.