Thursday, January 24, 2013

Photography Challenge

Indian Culture
This is a picture of a jewelry box that a friend gave me from India. It was actually painted with jewels and the background is crushed jewels. The picture is of an Indian wedding.

This is a picture of my chemistry notes.

So this is of water just frozen water.

This is a picture of my leaf earrings.

Bold Colors
This is of the Maroon 5 cover and I used it because it was really colorful.

Messy Room
This is of my little sisters messy room.

My wallet with money sticking out of it.

If you look in the sunglasses you can see the reflection of me taking the picture.

This a picture of me smiling.

This is a picture of my two watches, and some other stuff.


  1. I really like your bold colors picture. Its very interesting.

  2. Very nice angles, lines and contrast. My favorite of your photos is the icicle lines - that photo is very geometric and so interesting with all of the lines! I also love the sunglasses reflection - composition and lighting are really nice. I would love to see a bit more simplicity in your photos, or other ways to even further emphasize your subject (shallow depth of field? lighting?).

  3. With the culture one and the handwriting one, i would have cropped them a little, your leaf one is very interesting, only I would have turned the saturation down a little. I also love how on the sun glasses one, you can see the camera in the lense. Great Job!

  4. The leaves picture is really cool. I also think the handwriting one is really cool. The only one I would change is the culture one I would change the lighting so there wouldn't be a line through the image.

  5. I really liked how you chose ice instead of water. Very Creative. Something I would suggest is maybe trying to get up close to the Ice to get a better angle. Great job.

  6. I like the way you presented the leaf earrings, it has some fun texture in the photo and uses the rule of thirds. One thing I would suggest to improve on is the lighting. You have some harsh lighting going through most of the images, try shooting during in softer light. Other then that, fantastic job! I can not wait to see more of your work!