Monday, February 11, 2013


Avoiding Mergers
This picture I thought was a good example of avoiding mergers. Taking pictures on this fence it seemed it would be easy to end up with a merger, but I avoided it.

The reason I thought this was good example of balance was because of the other fence in the background. I thought it gave nice balance to the picture and didn't make the left side heavy.

I thought this was a good example of framing because the branches of the tree frame my little sister swinging on the branch. This is the kind of framing where she is directly under the frame. I think it also adds depth to the picture but so do the footprints.

The reason I felt this was a good example of harmony was because of how my little sisters coat is white like the snow and so is the house in the background. White is the unifying color throughout this picture.

Leading Lines
I thought this was a good example of leading lines because the lines in the fence lead you toward my sister at the end.

I feel that this picture really gives off perspective or point of view. It shows my hand holding my sisters hand which gives the point of view. I feel this adds a nice depth to the picture.

Rule of Thirds
I think this shows an example of rule of thirds because my sister is not right in the center in the picture. Her eyes land on the points of intersection which is good because I want that to be the focus of the picture.

I feel like this picture shows rhythm because you can almost see the way the person was walking through the snow. You see the foot print and also the little skids that go past the footprint. It really gives off the motion of walking.
I feel that this is a very simple image. There isn't a lot of things going on in the background. There is really only one thing to focus on in the picture which is the bubble.

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  1. I really like your rule of thirds, balance and simplicity images this week. All of your photos are great examples of the rules. That balance picture is really interesting to look at because of the way the image is split up - my only suggestion for it would be to next time try and make your main subject (girl in the tree) have a plainer background (like the sky) - other than that I love that image! And the footprints in the snow one looks really nice.