Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Food Photography

I learn that it is much harder than you would think. It is really hard to make the food look appealing, and to get good angles of it. It is hard to find the right lighting to take it in. You really need to work with lighting to get good food photographs. Not only is it hard taking the photographs, but it is hard to arrange the food beforehand to take good photographs. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Lightbox Object

Picture # 1:

Picture # 2:

Picture # 3:

I thought these were my best three because the lighting was the best. I liked the rule of thirds in the first and the third. I also like the shadow in the second one. I think these also showed of the details of the elephant the best. My favorite one is the first one, because of the angle and the lighting. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Creepy Shadows

This is a picture of my shadow. To be able to get the shadow the only light I had on was the light behind me in my room. I made sure no other lights were on. 

This is a picture of an apple that I tried to make look creepy. I had the light in my kitchen on but the shadow wasn't facing the right way so I got my cell phone and used the light on my phone that is what the glare is. I think the glare ended up adding a creepy aspect to the picture. 

This is a picture of the chandelier in my kitchen. This was the only light on in the house at the time. I took it under the light. This gave the whole picture a creepy shadow and lighting. 

So the main reason I took this picture because I thought my reflection would give off a creepy effect. But the light outside actually adds to it. I also think the open door reflecting in the corner is creepy too. 

To make sure the fan gave off the shadow I had to turn on the right lights. I turned on the kitchen light behind it. I couldn't turn on the light for the fine because it would have gotten rid of the shadow.