Monday, April 29, 2013

Landscape Photography

So this is my backyard, and I chose this because it has the least amount of manmade object in it. I also liked how green everything was finally getting, and it reminded me that summer is almost here. These ones were the five best because I was able to get good pictures of the trees without any manmade objects. The depth of field was very deep in all of them and I kept a straight horizon on most of them. I also loved the blue color of the sky, and the vibrant green of the trees and grass.  I learned that it can be challenging to find the right setting for landscape photography if you live in a city area. I also learned that deep depth of field is best for landscape photography. I also learned how color can play a big role in making the photograph interesting to look at.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Night Photography

Nighttime Nature Photograph

Nighttime Architecture Photography

Long Exposure Flashlight Picture

Monochromatic Photograph

Nighttime Subject Photograph

I have a pretty simple point and shoot camera so that was a challenge for this assignment. I wasn't able to play around with a lot of settings mostly the flash. I couldn't keep my shutter open for long so to get light I would use my flash. On my architecture picture I rested the camera on the ledge of my house. With the long exposure picture I took I just turned off my flash and had my sister wave a flashlight around in a circle. I didn't get a lot but it turned out better than I thought.