Monday, April 29, 2013

Landscape Photography

So this is my backyard, and I chose this because it has the least amount of manmade object in it. I also liked how green everything was finally getting, and it reminded me that summer is almost here. These ones were the five best because I was able to get good pictures of the trees without any manmade objects. The depth of field was very deep in all of them and I kept a straight horizon on most of them. I also loved the blue color of the sky, and the vibrant green of the trees and grass.  I learned that it can be challenging to find the right setting for landscape photography if you live in a city area. I also learned that deep depth of field is best for landscape photography. I also learned how color can play a big role in making the photograph interesting to look at.

1 comment:

  1. I like the variety of shots and angles that you tried this week. I also like how the branches and trees seem to give depth and perspective to the images. I would have loved to see the rule of thirds with your horizon line (ie - 1/3 land 2/3 sky, or vice versa).