Thursday, May 9, 2013

Portrait Photography

I took these five photographs of my little sister for portrait photography. I tried formal portrait photography for most of these photographs. I also did detail portrait photography. That is my first picture of my sisters yellow sneakers. I tried doing candid photography, but sometimes that didn't really get the effect I wanted. My sister was very natural on her own this made it easy to capture my sisters sweet yet spicy personality. Thats why these were my favorite they explained her very well. I tried to keep my pictures as simple as possible. I tried close up head shots, and those were not my favorite.


  1. i really like your first one with the black and white but the shoes are in color. The ones with grass are really clever also. I love all the colors.

  2. I like how you experimented the variety of different types of portraiture. I really like your first detail shot and love how you use lighting and pattern in the background to really emphasize your subject.